SM Pro Audio PEQ505

SM Pro Audio PEQ505

Brand: SM Pro Audio
Product Code: PEQ505
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: Rp6,250,000


We know it’s hard to believe, but there really are five bands of fully- parametric equalization packed into this dual-slot 500-series module! Each of the PEQ505’s identical channels features continuously variable level, frequency, and bandwidth controls, an off/on switch, and a switch for selecting the channel’s frequency operation range (as labeled, divide by 10, and multiply by 10.) The Master output includes a level control, bypass switch, and an LED level meter with peak indicator.

With a panel layout designed to maximize flexibility of operation in a minimum amount of space, the PEQ505 is a joy to use, with oil-damped hand-machined rotary knobs and clearly labeled controls. Like our other 500-series modules, the PEQ505’s circuitry features the LME49720 ultra-low distortion/low noise Op Amps, for superb, professional quality audio performance.

Try it, listen to it, consider it for your next project. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the phrase “good things come in small packages.”

Features :

  • Suitable for use in all 500-series-compatible systems
  • Five independent fully-parametric EQs
  • Level, frequency, frequency range, and bandwidth per EQ
  • On/off switch per EQ
  • Master bypass switch
  • LED output level display w/ peak indicator
  • Master output level control


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