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SM Pro Audio DI Dock
Designed to support portable audio devices in the field, the DIDock delivers audio signal conversion..
SM Pro Audio DI Dock Live
Now you can easily mix external signals with your iPod*/iPhone* audio stream. Bring in a click track..
SM Pro Audio DI-1
The DI1 is a compact high quality active direct injection box. Used in both studios and on the road ..
SM Pro Audio EP84
The EP84 is the latest multi-channel microphone preamplifier from SM Pro Audio. Packed with quality ..
SM Pro Audio HP12
Schools, labs, training centers, lecture halls, and houses of worship take note: Now you can minimiz..
SM Pro Audio HP6E
Simply stated, the HP6E is a high-quality, powerful, flexible, and reliable six (6) channel headphon..
SM Pro Audio JuiceBlock 3
JuiceBlock 3: 3 Slot 500 Series Power Block JuiceBlock3 is a portable, stand-alone power blo..
SM Pro Audio JuiceRack  8
JuiceRack 8: 8 Slot 500 Series Power Rack JuiceRack 8 is a 19” rack-mount power source desig..
SM Pro Audio JuiceRack 1
JuiceRack 1: Single Slot 500 Series Power Rack JuiceRack1 is a single-slot power source for ..
SM Pro Audio M Patch 2
The M-Patch 2 is a compact desktop/rack-mountable sized passive volume attenuator and patch control ..
SM Pro Audio M Patch 2.1
The mighty M-Patch 2 takes a giant leap forward with the new 2.1 model specially designed for monito..
SM Pro Audio M Patch V2
The M-Patch V2 is a compact high quality passive attenuator and patch control device building on the..
SM Pro Audio MBC502
MBC502: System 500 Multi Band Optical Compressor The MBC502 is a custom-designed, optical mu..
SM Pro Audio MC01
The MC01 is a 1" large diaphragm condenser microphone perfect for a wide range of applications in th..
SM Pro Audio Mic Thing
Introducing the Mic Thing V2, our new and improved portable acoustic absorption and isolation panel...