Sennheiser e614

Sennheiser e614

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The e 614 is a super-cardioid condenser microphone, designed for demanding instrument recordings and performances that require extended frequency response, high SPL handling, fast transient response and compact size. While drumset overhead miking was the first design priority, the e614 also works exceptionally well on percussion setups as well, fitting comfortably into tight setups. The e 614 can handle high SPLs and features medium sensitivity, which ensures reduced bleed from other instruments on stage. Because of its excellent acoustic properties, this mic is also ideal for home recording.


·         40-20,000 Hz

·         Designed for demanding applications where extended frequency range, high SPL handling, fast transient response and small size are required

·         Captures the shimmer and the contact of sticks, mallets and hands

·         Nearly flat response from 40 Hz to 20 kHz and a supercardioid pattern

Technical Data

Technical Data and Specification of e 614



Ø 20mm, L = 100mm





Frequency response

40 Hz ... 20 kHz


Transducer principle

pre-polarised condenser microphone



w/o cable: 93 g


Pick-up pattern



Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz)

3 mV/Pa = - 50dB (0 dB = 1 V/Pa)


Nominal impedance

50 Ohm


Min. terminating impedance

1000 Ohm


Phantom powering

12 – 52 V / 3 mA


Equivalent noise level

24 dB(A)


Equivalent noise level weighted as per CCIR 468-3

35 dB


Maximum sound pressure level (passiv)

139 dB/SPL


What's in the box?

·         e 614

·         Microphone pouch

·         Microphone clip MZQ 100


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